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Hitchcock & Partner GmbH is a full-service, end-to-end, US federal tax advisory firm based in Zürich, Switzerland. Our business is designed to assist clients with a full suite of US accounting, tax advisory and reporting services, locally, from Zürich. We are dedicated to keeping you in control of where your data is stored in accordance with Swiss and EU guidelines. We ensure that all client source data is stored locally in Zürich, Switzerland on encrypted servers and is not transmitted to, or stored in, the US, or elsewhere.

Whether you are seeking assistance to ensure you meet your compliance obligations in the US, structure your entrepreneurial investments as a US investor living broad, enter the US market as a DACH investor, or manage a trust with a US connection, Hitchcock & Partner GmbH can assist.

Selected service offerings

U.S. tax services offering performed locally from Switzerland/the EU

Specialist Skills for US Entrepreneurs and High-Net-Wealth Individuals Living Abroad

We assist US entrepreneurs and high-net-wealth individuals living in the DACH region with optimizing their global effective tax rate. We can work directly with your local country advisors, in German, to ensure that you and your business succeed while maintaining compliance with your US tax reporting obligations.

US Business Structuring Support and Compliance

Whether you are interested in expanding your business operations into the US or are already invested through private equity sponsored arrangements, we can assist you in accomplishing your business objectives. We partner with locally-based, US-qualified attorneys and your local-country tax and legal advisors to assist you in getting your US-based business operational. Further, our experience structuring private equity investments is unparalleled. We can ensure that the returns on such investments are maximized by mitigating your US tax exposure.

Trust accounting services

When a trust becomes relevant for US tax purposes Swiss trustees often find it difficult to find a US tax service provider that can provide the required accounting services needed to prepare the necessary US tax calculations without the fear of their client’s confidential data being sent abroad.

We work with US and local attorneys to determine the trust’s accounting requirements and assist in compiling special-purpose financial statements under a US tax accounting framework. These reports are reviewed and approved by our partners, who are all U.S. Certified Public Accountants, here locally, all without confidential data leaving encrypted data servers located in Zurich, Switzerland or being processed outside of the EU.